Price For A People

The Meaning of Christ's Death

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Jesus Christ, Salvation



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Jun 1, 1993






New Testament

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The work of Jesus Christ lies at the heart of the message of the gospel. Yet many Christians have only a vague and insecure grasp of what it is that Christ has done for them and little understanding of what Scripture means by words like ‘redemption’, ‘reconciliation’ and ‘propitiation’.

In A Price for a People Tom Wells meets the widespread need for a clear explanation of the biblical teaching of the meaning of the cross. Recognizing that the nature of Christ’s work determines its effects, he also deals with the important question, ‘For whom did Christ die?’. His careful answer will help many people to a clearer understanding and a deeper appreciation of what Christ has done for them.

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  An Opening Word 9
1 What Kind of Act Was the Death of Christ? 12
2 Redemption, Its Old Testament History, Part One 15
3 Redemption, Its Old Testament History, Part Two 20
4 Redemption in the New Testament, Part One 24
5 Redemption in the New Testament, Part Two 29
6 Reconciliation 34
7 Propitiation 39
8 For Whom Did Christ Die? 45
9 Didn’t Christ Die for the World? 51
10 A Family Matter 59
11 Christ Died for the Church 65
12 Christ’s Death for ‘Many’ 70
13 Who Died With Christ? 76
14 Christ Our Substitute 83
15 A Look at Some’ Hard’ Texts 90
16 How Does This Affect Our Preaching? 96
17 What is the Gospel Message? 104
18 A Final Word 113
1 The Use of Universal Terms 117
2 The Time of Redemption 127
3 The Greek Word for Purchase 134
4 Who Are the ‘Many’ for Whom Christ Died? 137
5 ‘Many’ and ‘All Men’ in Romans 5:12-20 146
6 Some Thoughts on Terminology 152
7 Repentance and Faith 156
  Index 159
  Index of Scripture References 161
  Index of Hebrew and Greek Words 165


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  1. Andy Poland

    Years ago I found a copy of Tom Wells book, Christian:Take Heart!, and this book, A Price for a People. Of all my books about Jesus Christ and how He cares for us these two are at the top of the list. Pastor Wells has show me how to draw near Jesus instead of fearing Him.

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