What Is An Evangelical?

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Jan 1, 1992





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After many years of leadership in the work of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones became deeply concerned with what he believed to be subtle but real shifts in commitment to the biblical gospel. His three addresses at the I.F.E.S. Conference in 1971 drew attention to this. In them he indicated the reasons for his misgivings, gave an exposition of the true nature of evangelicalism and re-emphasised the foundation stones on which it was built.

These addresses lay unpublished for almost three decades. Today, thirty years later, much of what Dr. Lloyd-Jones emphasised then reads like a prophecy of the future direction evangelicals would take during the years that followed. His comments are as trenchantly relevant for the twenty-first century as they were for the 1970’s. If anything, his message is all the more urgent.

This material is extracted from ‘Knowing the Times‘, a selection of addresses by Dr. Lloyd-Jones during the years 1942-1977, also published by the Banner of Truth Trust.

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  The Constant Necessity for Definition 8
  Recent History and Changes 13
  Re-examining Our Name 16
  The Danger of Wrong Divisions 18
  Succumbing to the Ecumenical Spirit 22
  ‘The Holy Spirit, Not Doctrine’ 26
  Non-Evangelical Opposition to Ecumenicism 29
  Guiding Principles: (1) The Preservation of the Gospel 34
  Guiding Principles: (2) Learning from History 35
  Guiding Principles: (3) Maintaining Negatives 37
  Guiding Principles: (4) No Subtractions or Additions 39
  Evangelical Priorities 42
  Watchfulness 43
  Distrust of Reason 44
  The Place of Reason 49
  Other Marks of an Evangelical 51
  Uppermost Concerns 56
  Foundational and Secondary Truths 64
  Justifying a Vital Distinction 65
  The Necessity of Opposition to Doctrinal Indifferentism 68
  Scripture: The Only and Full Authority 69
  Creation, Not Evolution 74
  The Fall and Evil 79
  One Way of Salvation 82
  The Church: Contemporary Issues 83
  Secondary Truths Not Essential to Unity 85


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  1. Brian K. Young

    I first read this when I read DMLJ’s Knowing The Times. This collection of messages started me reading much more by Lloyd-Jones over the years. I was pleased to see the release of What Is An Evangelical as a separate title, and have given copies of it to others. I believe he really captures what Evangelicalism is (or should be) about. One factor he includes, which is not always included by other writers, is that evangelicals will always take a great interest in true revival. Recommended.

  2. Andrew Young

    This book contains three messages by Dr. Lloyd-Jones, originally given to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in 1971. Taking the verses from Jude 1-3 as his text he shows Christians the need to be contending for the true Christian Gospel. He encourages evangelical Christians to seek fellowship only with other true believers, and describes where this practice has been lost over the years. For instance, he points out the rise of emphasis on experience, rather than doctrine.
    He shows when it is right to separate from others who deny key Christian truths – e.g the inspiration of the Word of God, the way of salvation etc. He also shows when it is still possible to have fellowship with Christians who may disagree on what he calls ‘secondary matters’ which are not essential to salvation. These include the mode of baptism, views on end-time prophecy, and calvinism and arminianism.
    Although these messages were preached many years ago, they are still so relevant for evangelical Christians today. The messages are thought-provoking and a timely message for the church. The three addresses can also be found in the more extensive work by Lloyd-Jones entitled ‘Knowing the Times.’

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