Volume 1: God's Ultimate Purpose (1:1-23)

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Lloyd Jones on Ephesians







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It was the sermons on this first chapter of Ephesians, commenced at Westminster on Sunday mornings in the autumn of 1954, that proved to be the start of the author’s prolonged treatment of various New Testament books. By that date Dr Lloyd-Jones had been more than 25 years in the ministry and his convictions on how Scripture should be taught were fully matured. The sermons on Ephesians were, therefore, in a sense a new point of departure.

But apart from its significance in Dr Lloyd-Jones’ ministry, Ephesians Chapter One will always be of major importance in any consideration of the New Testament. As the author writes in his Preface: ‘The Epistle to the Ephesians is the most “mystical” of Paul’s epistles, and nowhere does his inspired mind soar to greater heights. There is no greater privilege in life than to be called to expound what Thomas Carlyle called such “infinities and immensities”.’

This volume is the first in a series of eight volumes.

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1. Introduction 11
2. ‘Saints … and the faithful in Christ Jesus’ 22
3. Grace, Peace, Glory 35
4. The Everlasting Covenant 46
5. ‘All Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly Places’ 57
6. ‘In Heavenly Places’ 69
7. ‘Chosen in Him’ 81
8. ‘Holy and without Blame before Him in love’ 94
9. Adoption 106
10. Higher than Adam 117
11. The Glory of God 128
12. ‘In the Beloved’ 137
13. Redemption 147
14. ‘Through His Blood’ 160
15. The Riches of His Grace 171
16. The Mystery of His Will 184
17. All Things re-united in Christ 196
18. ‘We … Ye also’ 208
19. The Counsel of His own Will 221
20. ‘Heard, Believed, Trusted’ 232
21. Sealed with the Spirit 243
22. The Nature of Sealing [1] 255
23. The Nature of Sealing [2] 266
24. True and Counterfeit Experiences 279
25. Problems and Difficulties concerning the Sealing 289
26. ‘The Earnest of our Inheritance’ 301
27. Tests of Christian Profession 312
28. ‘The Father of Glory’ 326
29. The Christian’s Knowledge of God 338
30. Wisdom and Revelation 350
31. ‘The Hope of his Calling’ 364
32. ‘The Riches of the Glory of His Inheritance in the Saints’ 378
33. ‘The Exceeding Greatness of His Power’ 391
34. ‘Power to us-ward who Believe’ 402
35. His Power from Beginning to End 412
36. ‘The Church which is His Body’ 423
37. The Final Consummation 436

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  1. mscovill

    Being blessed daily by this careful exposition. Dr. Lloyd-Jones has a way of preaching to us in the Spirit and through these words. What I value most about Him is that reality, that he preaches always with a mind that is always reflecting on the reality of what is preached here in Ephesians one, that we are NOW in the heavenly places, alive with Christ. The Gospel is transformative of every thought that is thought in Christ and this exposition carries us along in that manner. Always keeping before us, our residency in Heaven through the Gospel and how moving it is. Wishing that Banner could make these available in the States. Praise God for his mercy and grace in the ministry of Dr. Lloyd-Jones.

  2. Brion Burkett

    Last year I finished the complete Romans series by MLJ and have just begun this first volume in his treatment of Ephesians. I can say without hesitation that this has already settled questions that I have had for over 23 years regarding the sealing of the Spirit, the difference between being filled and baptized in the Spirit, and so much more. I heartily recommend reading this book; especially if you hope for a Christian walk that is both relevant and pertinent for today’s challenges. As per the Doctor’s eternal wisdom and deep care for the modern mind, answers abound here. As do strength, encouragement, and clarity. A must read.

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