Volume 5: Darkness and Light (4:17-5:17)

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Lloyd Jones on Ephesians







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It is a striking fact that in Paul’s writings great doctrinal exposition always leads to clear, demanding and practical calls to personal holiness and growth in Christian wisdom and character. Nowhere is this more clearly illustrated than in Ephesians 4:17-5:17. Yet it is precisely at this point that so many Christians fall short of the balance of Scripture — either by emphasising doctrine without spelling out its implications for practical Christian living or vice versa. It is here that Dr Lloyd-Jones was regarded as a master, perhaps without parallel in the Twentieth century. Darkness and Light demonstrates why this preaching was so greatly appreciated for its faithfulness to apostolic doctrine and practice. Magnificent exposition, it is also a handbook to living the Christian life.

This volume is the fifth in a series of eight volumes.

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1. Practice Rooted in Doctrine 11
2. The Emptiness of the Christless Life 25
3. Darkness and Light 38
4. Aliens from the Life of God 52
5. Sin in a Pagan World 64
6. Christian and Non-Christian 78
7. Knowledge of the Truth 91
8. Hearing Christ and Learning Christ 103
9. Putting off and Putting on! 116
10. Corruption, Lusts, Deceits 127
11. When not to Pray but to Act 140
12. Renewed in the Spirit of the Mind 153
13. The New Man and his Origin 167
14. Righteousness, Holiness and Truth 179
15. Be Up and Doing! 189
16. How and Why the Christian Puts on the New Man 199
17. ‘Putting away Lying’ 213
18. Sinful Anger and Righteous Anger 225
19. Not Stealing but Labouring and Giving 239
20. How to Communicate with our Fellows 253
21. ‘Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God’ 264
22. Forgiven and Forgiving 278
23. ‘Imitators of God’ 291
24. The Atoning Work of Christ 300
25. The Distinct Functions of Church and State 313
26. Evils not even to be Named among Saints 329
27. The Kingdom of Christ and of God 342
28. The Wrath of God 354
29. Children of Light 367
30. The Unfruitful Works of Darkness 379
31. The Fruit of Light 390
32. Acceptable unto the Lord 401
33. Exposed by the Light 412
34. The Fool and the Wise Man 423
35. Walking Circumspectly 436
36. Redeeming the Time 449


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