Volume 2: God's Way of Reconciliation (2:1-22)

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Lloyd Jones on Ephesians









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It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of the second chapter of Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians. Of this chapter the author writes in his preface:

‘It deals with the profoundest and most elevating themes of the Bible. It shows us man’s desperate need, it unfolds the glory of God’s grace, the wonder of the Cross of Christ, the breaking down of the middle wall of partition, and the reconciliation of Jews and Gentiles, and all others who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, in the kingdom of God.

‘I know of no chapter in the Bible which states so clearly and so perfectly at one and the same time the essential evangelistic message for the unbeliever and the status and privileges of the believer.’

Dr Lloyd-Jones patiently unfolds the meaning of the apostle Paul’s teaching, highlights its contemporary significance, and applies it constantly to the reader. The person who wants to understand what the gospel is and why it is so necessary, will find his questions answered in these pages. Any Christian, floundering in the sea of ‘special blessings’ which are held out to him on every side today, who gives attention to this same teaching will find that it is in the great foundation truths of the gospel that his peace and joy are to be found.

This volume is the second in a series of eight volumes.

Table of Contents Expand ↓

1 Introduction 11
2 Man In Sin 26
3 Original Sin 41
4 Life Without God 54
5 The Wrath Of God 69
6 The Christian Message To The World 82
7 In Christ Jesus 96
8 Risen With Christ 111
9 In The Heavenly Places 126
10 The Exceeding Riches Of His Grace 141
11 Through Christ Jesus 155
12 By Grace Through Faith 168
13 His Workmanship 183
14 Jew And Gentile 198
15 Without Christ 212
16 Made Nigh 226
17 The Blood Of Christ 239
18 He Is Our Peace 253
19 Christ’s Way Of Making Peace 268
20 The One Mediator 283
21 Peace With God 295
22 Access To The Father 310
23 Lord, Teach Us To Pray 323
24 Praying In The Spirit 337
25 Christian Unity 351
26 No More Strangers 365
27 Heavenly Citizenship 380
28 Privileges And Responsibilities 393
29 Of The Household Of God 407
30 A Habitation Of God 421
31 The Only Foundation 435
32 Fitly Framed Together 450
33 The Growth Of The Church 464

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  1. Jim

    Any book, audio sermon, by Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is to be heard and read. We have gotten away from the Puritan high view of God which was also held by the Doctor. I realize that this is not totally accurate, but I must say he might well be the “Last of the Puritans”. The Banner of Truth Trust is to be thanked and prayed for as one of the few publishing companies still printing the Word of Truth in cloth-bound book form.

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