God Transcendent

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Nov 1, 1982

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J. Gresham Machen ‘was one of the most colourful and controversial figures of his time, and it is doubtful that in the ecclesiastical world of the twenties and thirties any religious leader was more constantly in the limelight’. Machen was a scholar, Professor at Princeton and Westminster Seminaries, church leader, apologist for biblical Christianity, and one of the most eloquent defenders of the faith in the twentieth century.

God Transcendent is a collection of Machen’s addresses. It shows, perhaps more clearly than any of his books, why he was such a great man. In these messages, Machen expounds the greatness and glory of God, the wonder and power of the gospel and the exhilaration of serving Christ in the front line of spiritual warfare.They show why Machen fought so tenaciously for biblical truth against error: ‘It is impossible to be a true soldier of Jesus Christ and not fight’.

This series of popular messages, includes Machen’s famous address, The Active Obedience of Christ, delivered only weeks before his death on January 1, 1937.

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Introduction 9
 1. God Transcendent 15
 2. Isaiah’s Scorn of Idolatry 22
 3. The Fear of God 28
 4. Sin’s Wages and God’s Gift 34
 5. The Issue in the Church 41
 6. The Letter and the Spirit 52
 7. The Brotherhood in Christ 59
 8. The Claims of Love 67
 9. The Living Saviour 74
 10. Justified by Faith 86
 11. The Gospel and Modern Substitutes 93
 12. The Separateness of the Church 104
 13. Prophets False and True 116
 14. The Good Fight of Faith 128
 15. Constraining Love 141
 16. The Creeds and Doctrinal Advance 157
 17. Christ Our Redeemer 168
 18. The Doctrine of the Atonement 177
 19. The Active Obedience of Christ 187
 20. The Bible and the Cross 197


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  1. Will

    This small book offers not mere theological discussions but sober practical lessons. The arrangement of the contents starts with simple evangelical messages and ends with core reformed dogmatics. The messages are Biblical, polemical, and evangelical. Readers can prove for themselves through the exposition of selected Bible verses in Chapters 6, 11, 15 that Dr. Machen was a great New Testament scholar. His expounding of God’s words was profound and intense. But he did not stop just there. Instead, he put his knowledge of the Bible into practices. But what were the practices! They were definitely not soothing talks. They were direct fights against the enemies of the kingdom of the Lord. Throughout the book, Dr. Machen never lose sight of the sin of paganism and the devil of unbelief, but dealt with them with outstanding accuracy and clarity. His assessment of the evil condition surrounding the visible church was even prophetical. Yet to his listeners, Dr. Machen showed his deep conviction of Christian love and his passion for the Gospel. Yea, he preached the Gospel as a first class evangelist, with Biblical truth for exhorting and warning, but without vain imaginations and illusions that numb the conscience of the lost or puff up the empty souls. Then as well as now, though sin may assume new and diverse forms, under the skins and in the cores is the same old dragon. Past sins may be whitewashed and become the new standards of living; Christians’ cause may seem to have been lost… Until the Lord’s coming again!

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