Majesty in Misery

3 Volume Set

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Jesus Christ



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1899 (actually 2005)

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Jun 1, 2005






New Testament

Book Description

Spurgeon’s sermons on the passion and death of our Lord.

In the first volume, Spurgeon takes the reader to Gethsemane, to remind us of the matchless love of Jesus,..’that for your sakes and mine he would not merely suffer in body, but consented to bear the horror of being accounted a sinner, and coming under the wrath of God because of our sins: though it cost him suffering unto death and sore amazement… Can we not cheerfully endure persecution for his sake? Can we not labour earnestly for him? I charge you by Gethsemane, my brethren, if you have a part and lot in the passion of your Saviour, love him much who loved you so immeasurably, and spend and be spent for him.’

In the second volume, Spurgeon bids us follow Christ into The Judgment Hall and to look on as the Man of Sorrows is despised and rejected by men – first, by Annas and Caiaphas, the religious leaders of the Jewish nation, then Herod Antipas, the puppet prince of Galilee, and finally Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor. Spurgeon’s great gifts of passionate and persuasive preaching are clearly in evidence in these fine sermons, which include Christ in Bonds, The King in Pilate’s Hall, and Majesty in Misery.

In the third volume, Spurgeon takes us to Calvary’s Mournful Mountain, there to view afresh the last moments of Christ’s earthly life. In these sermons (which have been completely reset in a readable modern format) Spurgeon fixes our eyes upon our glorious Saviour, whose amazing grace and dying love are eloquently described and vividly portrayed by ‘the prince of preachers’. As you read these sermons, including, The Procession of Sorrow, Christ’s Determination to Save His People, and Christ’s Dying Word for His Church, you will begin to understand just why Spurgeon was so loved by Christians the world over.

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  1. Mike Mathis

    Spurgeon is always good, but he is never better than when he is preaching on the Cross and all that was involved in it. This, in my opinion, is Spurgeon at his absolute finest!

  2. Kyi Chumley

    These three volumes have been a wonderful blessing to me. I am convinced that I been guilty of reading over my Lords death with haste! Mr. Spurgeon in these complied sermons have bid me to slow down and look closely and reverently as I should. These sermons start at the garden of Gethsemane and as you read through the volumes it is as if you are following Christ to the cross. These sermons have challenged me to look beyond the veil and peer into the depths of Christ’s soul sufferings and I have thus learned that the more I know of His sufferings the more I love Him.

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