Volume 7: The Christian Warfare (6:10-13)

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Lloyd Jones on Ephesians





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‘This volume’, writes the author, ‘part of a systematic exposition of the Epistle to the Ephesians, considers the final word of warning and exhortation by the apostle Paul to these early Christians.’

‘My contention is that the same warning and exhortation are urgently needed today, and perhaps more so than at any time since they were originally written.’

‘Our age is one that has largely ceased to believe in the supernatural at all. This is partly due to the advance of science in its various branches. Man is regarded as the master of his own fate and the determiner of everything.’

‘But even in the Church, and among those who claim to believe in a supernatural realm, there is evident and increasing forgetfulness of what the Apostle Paul teaches here, ‘indeed an open denial of it.’

‘It is my belief that the modern world, and especially the history of the present century, can only be understood in terms of the unusual activity of the devil and the “principalities and powers” of darkness.’

‘Indeed, I suggest that a belief in a personal devil and demon activities is the touchstone by which one can most easily test any profession of Christian faith today.’

‘I make no apology, therefore, for having considered the matter in such detail. It is essential for the successful living of the Christian life and for the peace and happiness and joy of the individual Christian, and also for the prosperity of the Church in general.’

This volume is the seventh in a series of eight volumes.

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1. Introduction 11
2. The Only Way 23
3. The Enemy 38
4. The Enemy Described 53
5. The Origin of Evil 66
6. The Wiles of the Devil 79
7. The Subtle Foe 94
8. Heresies 108
9. Cults 121
10. Counterfeits 133
11. Watchfulness 148
12. ‘Philosophy and Vain Deceit’ 162
13. ‘Knowledge Puffeth Up!’ 177
14. Faith and Experience 191
15. Physical, Psychological, Spiritual 206
16. True and False Assurance 221
17. Attacks upon Assurance (1) 235
18. Attacks upon Assurance (2) 249
19. Quenching the Spirit (1) 263
20. Quenching the Spirit (2) 276
21. Temptation and Sin 289
22. Discouragement 302
23. Worry and Anxiety 317
24. Self 332
25. True and False Zeal 346
26. Worldliness 360


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