Truth For All Time

A Brief Outline of the Christian Faith

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Dec 1, 2008


‘This book is a little gem!…It would be hard to find a clearer summary of the faith in so short a compass, and perhaps impossible to find one so warm…Well worth the read!’ — EVANGELICALS NOW

Book Description

‘John Calvin knew that if the biblical truths rediscovered at the Reformation were to spread throughout the world, they would have to be presented in a form that ordinary people could understand. So, during the winter of 1536-37, the 29-year old Calvin wrote, in French, his Brief Outline of the Christian Faith. This is Calvin’s striking but concise attempt to define the Christian Faith for ordinary people! Here you have the very core of Protestant belief and feel the warmth of its ardent love for God and men.’ — From the preface by Stuart Olyott

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Preface ix
1 Knowing God and knowing ourselves 1
1 All men live in order that they might know God 1
2 The difference between true and false religion 2
3 What we must know about God 5
4 What we must know about man 9
5 Free will 11
6 Sin and death 12
7 How we are brought to salvation and life 14
2 The Law of the Lord 17
1 The Ten Commandments 18
2 The Law summarised 37
vi Truth For All Time
3 What comes to us from the Law alone 38
4 The Law is a step in coming to Christ 40
3 Faith 43
1 We lay hold of Christ by faith 43
2 Election and predestination 44
3 What true faith is 48
4 Faith is a gift of God 50
5 We are justified in Christ by faith 52
6 We are sanctified by faith so that we might obey the Law 54
7 Repentance and the new birth 57
8 The connection between the righteousness of good works and that of faith 58
9 The Creed 62
10 What hope is 85
4 Prayer 87
1 The necessity of prayer 87
2 The meaning of prayer 89
3 The Lord’s Prayer 93
4 Persevering in prayer 108
5 The Sacraments 111
1 The necessity of the sacraments 111
2 What a sacrament is 113
3 Baptism 113
4 The Lord’s Supper 116
6 Order in Church and State 121
1 The pastors of the church and their authority 121
2 Human traditions 125
3 Excommunication 127
4 Civil rulers 129



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