Rutherford Calendar Bundle

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Buy the Banner 2024 Calendar, ‘Through the Year with Samuel Rutherford‘, alongside The Letters of Samuel Rutherford and Faith Cook’s Samuel Rutherford and Friends. £32.75 when bought separately, this bundle can be purchased for £25.00.

2024 Calendar

Ideal for home or office use, this wall calendar features choice quotes from the Letters of Samuel Rutherford and a guide for reading the letters over the course of a year.

–   Month-to-view compact appointment wall calendar

–   W210mm, H420mm when open

–   Each month features an attractive British artwork, with a quote from one of Rutherford’s Letters

–   Letter is assigned to each day

–   Brief biographical guide to Rutherford’s correspondents is included

The Letters of Samuel Rutherford

Samuel Rutherford’s letters breathe devotion to Christ and doggedness in the pursuit of the salvation that He alone gives. Often written in the context of hardship in his own life, Rutherford’s constant desire is to magnify Christ, and to encourage his addressees to love, trust, and live for Him. 744 pages, Clothbound, RP £18.50.

Samuel Rutherford and His Friends

The days in which Samuel Rutherford (c.1600-1661) lived were ones in which ‘a man must sin or suffer’, and most of Rutherford’s friends chose the latter course. Two were martyred, two exiled and all paid a high price for allegiance to the truth. The primary aim of these short biographies is to cast light on Rutherford’s genius as a faithful counsellor and spiritual guide. We are introduced to the depth and beauty of his Letters and brought to share in the wisdom and consolation of his pastoral ministry. 168 pages, Paperback, RP £6.25.


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