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Book Cover For 'Discovering Gods Will'
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Draws out the fundamental principles by which God guides us. 128pp.

The Death Of Death In The Death Of Christ
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Owen’s incomparable exposition of the work of redemption as planned and executed by the Triune God. Introductory essay by J. I. Packer. 320pp.

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A plea for a return to the right use of the Lord’s Day for meditation, rest, service, and growth in the understanding of God. 112pp.

Conflict and Triumph by William Henry Green

Conflict and Triumph

The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded

by William H. Green

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The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded’ by a great OT scholar. 192pp.

Come Down, Lord! by Roger Ellsworth
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Come Down, Lord! is a succinct, readable and biblically-based treatment of the vital theme of revival. Paperback, 64 pages.

Book Cover For 'Church Of Rome At The Bar Of History'
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By appealing to the facts of history, the author refutes the claims of the Church of Rome. 256pp.

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Machen’s theme is man, made in the image of God and for his glory. 256pp.

Cover Image of Christian Take Heart
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An antidote to bring healing to the lives of Christians impaired by wrong-headed teaching about the Christian life. 176pp.

The Christian Life by Sinclair Ferguson

The Christian Life

A Doctrinal Introduction

by Sinclair B. Ferguson

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Clearly expounds such key biblical themes as grace, faith, repentance, new birth and assurance. 240pp.

Cover image for 'Christ For Us'

Christ For Us

Sermons of Hugh Martin

by Hugh Martin

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Sermons in which Martin (1822-85) traces all blessings to Jesus. 261pp.

Catholicism: East of Eden by Richard Bennett

Catholicism: East of Eden

Insights into Catholicism for the 21st Century

by Richard Bennett

price $17.10


A former Roman Catholic priest addresses the 21st-century issues of Catholicism with candour and empathy. 336pp.

The Case for Traditional Protestantism by Terry Johnson

The Case for Traditional Protestantism

The Solas of the Reformation

by Terry L. Johnson

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Shows that ‘The Solas of the Reformation’ are the essence of biblical Christianity. 192pp.

Showing 709–720 of 844 results