Originally published: 1993

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image of Deserted by God

Deserted by God?

Hope For All Who Do Not Sense the Lord's Sustaining Presence During Life's Most Troublesome Times

by Sinclair B. Ferguson

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Draws on the experience of the Old Testament psalmists to help us begin to understand the ways of God. 196pp.

price $11.00 $9.90


A collection of articles which speak to the needs of the times. 256pp.

cover image for the Final Word

Final Word

A Biblical Response to the Case for Tongues and Prophecy Today

by O. Palmer Robertson

price $9.00 $8.10


Argues from Scripture that preoccupation with tongues and prophecy shows a failure to grasp the fulness of New Testament privileges. Christ himself is the ‘Final Word’. 160pp.

Showing all 3 results