Romans 8:17-39

Volume 8: Final Perseverance

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Doctrines of Grace, Salvation, Assurance





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Nov 1, 1975





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Dr. Lloyd-Jones says, ‘Little needs to be said by way of introduction to this volume. The verses considered in it are generally agreed to be one of the sublimest portions of scripture.

In it the Apostle brings his argument concerning assurance of salvation to a grand climax. The way in which he advances surely from argument to argument, piling one upon another, is astonishing, and constitutes the supreme example of inspired logic. In doing so he brings us face to face with the fundamental theme of the Bible – God’s plan and purpose of redemption conceived before time and the foundation of the world, and spanning the whole of human history from the original creation to the final glory.’

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  Preface xi
  One 1
  The contrast between Christian and non-Christian – the so-called ‘carnal’ and ‘spiritual’ Christians – spiritual death and hating God – rebellion against the law – total inability.  
  Two 16
  The characteristics of the Christian – life controlled by the Spirit – concern for the soul and salvation – having a taste for the things of the Spirit.  
  Three 30
  New life in Christ – the necessity for understanding regeneration – the test of real Christianity – the artificial and the spontaneous – spiritual life and the backslider.  
  Four 41
  Why Paul uses ‘peace’ here – peace and righteousness – at peace with God, ourselves and others – the ability to please God.  
  Five 53
  The Holy Spirit and all Christians – the Trinity – the dwelling-place of the Spirit – belonging to Christ – wrong views of ‘the spirit of Christ’.  
  Six 66
  Further description of the Christian – the present death of our bodies – the new life of our spirits – the outward man and the inward man – fighting sin with confidence.  
  Seven 79
  Quickening here neither regeneration nor faith-healing – the resurrection of the body guaranteed by the Spirit’s indwelling – complete deliverance from sin and its effects – the nature of the glorified body.  
  Eight 91
  Sanctification in practice – ‘perfectionism’ and ‘counteraction’ rejected – no mention of surrender – a call for action in the light of understanding – realizing and paying our debt.  
  Nine 106
  The inconsistency of living after the flesh – the nature of sin and our new position – mortification, cause or means to an end? – the way of sanctification defined – support from the rest of the New Testament.  
  Ten 118
  Wrong theories make these verses unnecessary – regenerate man not ‘absolutely hopeless’ – false analogies and the principle of growth – true encouragement ­false argument from results – marching orders.  
  Eleven 131
  The work of mortification – sin and the body – false ideas of mortification ­abstinence from sin – a positive ambition to glorify God.  
  Twelve 143
  Relation of this section to Paul’s main theme – our divine sonship and assurance – ­universal Fatherhood of God denied – sons and children – adoption and regeneration.  
  Thirteen 159
  Likeness to the Father – the Father’s loving interest in His children – sonship and prayer – certainty of our sonship – the leading of the Spirit.  
  Fourteen 170
  Leading by persuasion – leading and guidance – special revelations and the Scriptures – the Spirit’s action upon mind, heart and will.  
  Fifteen 181
  The jealousy of the Spirit – practical tests – a spiritual outlook – a desire to glorify and know God – an increasing concern about sin and temptation – the fruit of the Spirit – applying the tests.  
  Sixteen 194
  Guidance too subjective as a test – ‘spirit’ or ‘Spirit’? – the Spirit’s use of the law to produce conviction of sin – a sense of guilt, depravity and inability.  
  Seventeen 206
  The spirit of bondage as a test of true conversion – the case of those brought up in Christian homes – increasing awareness of sin – the sense of sin determined by our knowledge of God.  
  Eighteen 218
  The son’s freedom from bondage and fear – godly fear and craven fear – depres­sion owing to temperament or backsliding – satanic attacks and desertion.  
  Nineteen 229
  Consciousness of our adoption – sonship and the Son of God – feeling towards God as our Father – the significance of ‘Abba’ – a deep elemental cry ­spontaneous and confident prayer.  
  Twenty 246
  Assurance not essential for salvation – assurance in times of revival – the manner of receiving the Spirit of adoption – ‘taking it by faith’ considered ­taking and receiving.  
  Twenty-one 260
  Arguments for understanding ‘received’ passively – New Testament usage – the laying-on of hands – the sovereignty of the Holy Spirit – knowing you have received.  
  Twenty-two 272
  Types of assurance – baptism and fulness – the danger of self-persuasion – a profound experience – agonizing, tarrying and laying-on of hands rejected ­longing and praying.  
  Twenty-three 285
  The hallmark of true Protestantism – the personality of the Spirit – all Christians sons of God – various commentators considered – the witness of the Spirit an additional testimony to verse 15.  
  Twenty-four 296
  Parallel statements of New Testament experience – light from church history ­the baptism or sealing of the Spirit – a direct work – the highest form of assurance – effects and accompaniments.  
  Twenty-five 309
  The time of this experience – faith and experience in the Acts of the Apostles ­the evidence of church history – the testimony of Puritan and other writers.  
  Twenty-six 324
  The parallel of Christ’s sealing – nature and effects of the Spirit’s witness – the intensity and durability of the experience – qualifications and conditions.  
  Twenty-seven 338
  Further testimonies from different centuries, countries, temperaments and traditions.  
  Twenty-eight 356
  Early Brethren testimony – the cases of Paul and the Galatians – distinguishing counterfeit experiences from the true – true and false antecedents, accompaniments and consequences.  
  Twenty-nine 370
  Relationship of the spirit’s witness to sanctification – ‘perfect love’ and ‘the clean heart’ – sanctification and separation – an indirect relationship with progressive sanctification.  
  Thirty 384
  Seeking this experience – Biblical warrant – the manner of seeking, warnings and directions – encouragements to seek, from saints of the past.  
  Thirty-one 400
  The sealing and the earnest – the hope of the children of God – practical value of this doctrine – heirs according to promise – the Christian outlook.  
  Thirty-two 412
  The privileges of God’s heirs – the immutability of the promise – God’s continu­ing care for His heirs – present enjoyment of God – sharing in Christ’s inheritance.  
  Thirty-three 424
  The pastoral problem of suffering – suffering as a link in the chain of salvation – the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings – preparation for glory.  



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