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Apr 1, 2009


Encouragement, Spiritual Growth




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Thomas Chalmers wrote that Owen’s book on Spiritual-Mindedness holds ‘a distinguished rank among the voluminous writings of this celebrated author’. For him three features made it very special:

-The force with which it applies truth to the conscience.
-The way Owen plumbs the depths of Christian experience as a skillful physician of the soul.
-The uncovering of the secrets of the mind and heart so that the true spiritual state of the reader is discovered.

This book began life as a collection of meditations on Romans 8:6, which were written for the author’s own benefit during a time of illness. Alarmed by the subtle power the world exercises over the mind, Owen shows us how to really live by raising our thoughts above all earthly objects and setting them on ‘things above, where Christ is’ (Col. 3:1)

A favorite book of William Wilberforce, it contains some passages which are not surpassed in all of Owen’s writings. It comes from the pen of a tender-hearted pastor whose only purpose is to encourage the believer in the ongoing battle against sin. So if you feel overwhelmed by the power of worldliness then this is definitely the book for you!

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Prefatory Note vii
1 ‘To be spiritually minded is life and peace’ 1
2 What spiritual-mindedness is and how it shows itself 7
3 Insufficient evidence of spiritual-mindedness 15
4 Evidence of spiritual-mindedness 33
5 The objects of spiritual thoughts 41
6 How to meditate on heavenly things 61
7 What heavenly things we ought especially to meditate on 73
8 Spiritual thoughts of God 83
9 What we must think of when we meditate on God 101
10 Helps for meditating on God 115
11 How God calls our hearts from the world 133
12 The natural depravity of the heart and its desires 149
13 The spiritual renewal and sanctification of the heart 157
14 Why the unregenerate delight in religious worship 165
15 Why believers delight in religious worship 171
16 The renewed soul transformed into the image of the heavenly 185
17 The evils of lukewarmness 201
18 ‘Let this mind be in you’ 217
19 The value and beauty of spiritual things 227
20 The soul united to Christ and to spiritual things 235
21 The fruit of spiritual-mindedness 241



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