Grace In Winter

Rutherford in Verse

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Jun 1, 1989

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By any standard, Samuel Rutherford was a remarkable Christian: as a pastor he was devoted to his congregation in Anwoth, Scotland; as a leading churchman he was selected in 1643 as a member of the Scottish delegation to the famous Westminster Assembly; as a scholar he was offered some of the most distinguished professorships in Europe; as a letter writer Samuel Rutherford stands second to none in the galaxy of those whose personal correspondence has appeared in published form.

Yet, perhaps the description which would have most encouraged and humbled Rutherford himself came from the lips of a visiting Englishman who said of him that he ‘heard a little fair man, and he showed me the loveliness of Christ’.

Rutherford knew that the heart of Christian experience is in union and communion with Christ. He saw, with the apostle Paul, that only those who share in the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings experience the power of his resurrection. To him, joy in the Lord and suffering for him were inseparable elements of Christian experience. ‘Grace’ he wrote out of deep personal experience, ‘grows best in winter’.

In these pages, Faith Cook has sensitively transformed Rutherford’s eloquent prose into the form of poetry, and provided cameo portraits of his correspondents. Grace in Winter not only gives pleasure and joy because of its poetry; it also shares the encouragement, comfort and wisdom of Rutherford’s own ministry.

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Samuel Rutherford 15
A Pastor’s Prayer
Wrestling to Believe
The Exiled Pastor
Heaven on Earth
Christ Altogether Lovely
Lady Kenmure 27
The Thorny Hedge
God’s Strange Ways
True Consolation
The End of the Journey
Past Finding Out
Christ Shares His People’s Sorrows
God’s Purposes in Trial
The Pilgrim Path
The Last River
Fruits of Glory
Lady Boyd 42
Joy and Sorrow
The Presence of Christ
Anticipation of Heaven
Immanuel’s Land
A Prayer for Revival
Marion M’Naught 51
Unforgotten Prayers
John Gordon of Cardoness 55
Earnest Entreaties with a Friend
Stray Affections
William Gordon of Earlston 60
A Prisoner of Hope
Lady Culross 63
An Absent Christ
The Banished Pastor’s Consolation
Lady Robertland 67
Christ’s Secret Gate
John Kennedy of Ayr 69
Die Well
George Gillespie 73
To a Dying Friend Robert
Gordon of Knockbrex 77
The Trial of Grace
Alexander Gordon of Knockgray 79
When Christ Comes
John Gordon at Rusco 82
This Vain World
Other Correspondents 86
Christ’s Rough Serjeants
Through Brier and Bush
For Me to Live is Christ
The Greatest Temptation



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