George Whitefield

Volume 2: Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the 18th Century Revival

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Feb 1, 1980


‘Justice has at last been done to the greatest preacher that England has ever produced.’– D. M. LLOYD-JONES

‘One of the great monumental literary achievements of the 20th century. George Whitefield has come alive for me as I have been reading the book, a few pages at a time each evening.’– Dr. SHERWOOD E. WIRT

‘…My heart was tremendously stirred as I read it – more than it has been for many, many years.’– Dr. OSWALD J. SMITH

Book Description

The period 1741-1770, covered by this second and concluding volume, was not one of cloudless sunshine. It opened with the doctrinal conflict with the two Wesleys and with a serious division in Methodist ranks. But this was quickly followed by a visit to Scotland in which revival reached its high watermark. Then came years of unwavering effort to evangelize the people of the English-speaking world and to consolidate the gains. Multitudes of ‘the humble poor’ believed, and members of the aristocracy heard the message of grace.

An outstanding biography, popularly written, and with an urgent message for the present day.

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Preface vii
On the Common Concept of Relations Between Wesley and Whitefield 5
The Controversy
1 Wesley Enters Into the Leadership of the Movement 19
2 Whitefield Meets the Supreme Trial of His Life 43
3 Whitefield’s Reply to Wesley’s Sermon 55
4 Rebuilding the Work 65
The Calvinistic evangelist of Two Continents
5 Scotland 83
6 Marriage 101
7 Storming Satan’s Strongholds 115
8 Cambuslang 121
9 Seeking Reconciliation with Wesley 139
10 Organizing the Work 149
11 Trials and Triumphs 161
12 The Great Awakening 179
13 Healing the Wounds in the Work in America 193
14 Labouring in the Gospel under a Crushing Load of Debt 207
15 Bermuda 225
16 Dissensions and Rivalries in England 231
The Helper of all the Revival
17 ‘Let the Name of Whitefield Perish!’ 247
18 The Gospel to the Great 261
19 A Closer Look at One Year of Whitefield’s Life 283
20 The Loss of Howell Harris 295
21 The Evangelical Party in the Church of England 305
22 Whitefield’s Moravian Letter: Right or Wrong? 325
23 Helping Wesley 335
24 Two New Tabernacles 355
25 The Fifth Visit to America 365
26 The Death of John Cennick 375
27 Tottenham Court Road Chapel 383
28 At the Mercy of the Mob in Ireland 395
29 Sunshine and Shadow 401
The Years of Failing Strength
30 The Invalid 415
31 To America Again – the Sixth Visit 425
32 Whitefield and Franklin 441
33 Last Labours in Britain 455
34 Whitefield as Seen Through the Eyes of a Young Assistant 477
35 Last Labours in America 489
Death and Commemoration
36 Absent From the Body, Present With the Lord 503
37 The Memory of the Just 509
38 The Measure of the Man 517
Appendix 539

A Letter to the Rev. Mr John Wesley in Answer to his sermon entitled ‘Free Grace’.

Select Bibliography 571
Index 581




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  1. David J. Harris

    This is an incredible book. Dallimore does such a fine job of presenting Whitefield’s ministry philosophy as he chronicles his life, that you could almost use these chapters as lectures for a course on Christian ministry.

    Whitefield’s example as an evangelist, preacher, and even Christian seems unrivaled during his time. The mistakes are overshadowed by success. His humility shines through the pages. His love for Christ fills the reader’s heart. And just like volume 1, this book is nearly impossible to put down. Great investment of money and time.

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