Volume 4: Christian Unity (4:1-16)

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Lloyd Jones on Ephesians







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It is certain that no subject has been more frequently dealt with in sermons, books, lectures, pamphlets and articles during the present century than the question of ‘Christian Unity’. It is equally true to say that no subject has caused so much confusion in the minds and hearts of members of churches.

Were it merely a matter of organisation, it would not be so serious; but as the exposition of this key passage in Ephesians 4:1-16 shows, it involves vital doctrines. The trouble generally arises because the advocates of what is known as the ecumenical movement are content to make vague general statements ‘often sentimental’ or to emphasise one part of a statement instead of the whole. For instance, in verse 15, love is emphasised exclusively at the expense of truth.

We all tend to be the creatures of prejudices, and it therefore behoves us to examine ourselves and our views in the light of this crucial passage. That there have been sinful divisions in the past is painfully obvious; but the answer is not to be found in an amalgamation of organisations based on minimal truth. The greatest tragedy in the world today is not, as is so frequently asserted a divided church, but the fact that the majority seem to place unity above truth, and that many who are genuinely interested in truth are governed in their practice by traditions.

‘I can but pray that this study will be blessed by God to help many perplexed and confused Christians.’
— D. M. Lloyd-Jones

This volume is the fourth in a series of eight volumes.

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Ephesians 4:1-16
1. V1-3, ‘Therefore’ 11
2. V1-3, Worthy of our Calling 23
3. V2-3, Keeping the Unity of the Spirit 34
4. V4-6, The Body of Christ 47
5. V4-6, ‘One Spirit’ 58
6. V4-6, Revival 69
7. V4, One Hope 82
8. V5, One Lord 94
9. V5, One Faith 107
10. V5, One Baptism 120
11. V6, One God 131
12. V7-10, ‘One … everyone’ 144
13. V9-10, The Drama of Redemption 155
14. V7,11, Differing Gifts 168
15. V11, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers 181
16. V12-16, Edifying the Body 196
17. V13, Faith and Knowledge 209
18. V14, No More Children 221
19. V14, The Wiles of the Devil 231
20. V15, Speaking the Truth in Love 241
21. V15-16, Growing Up 254
22. V15-16, Activities and Life 265




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