Apostasy From The Gospel

The Nature and Causes

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Jan 1, 1992

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Few subjects have received less attention from contemporary Christian writers than that of apostasy. The idea that professing Christians may prove not to be true Christians is, in many respects, too serious a prospect for our facile age. But, for John Owen, such avoidance of the issue was itself a pressing reason for writing on it at length and in great depth of spiritual analysis. His exposition is a masterpiece of penetration and discernment.

Now, in this modernised abridgement of Owen’s work, Dr. R. J. K. Law makes its powerful teaching readily accessible to modern readers. Some will find its pages deeply soul-searching; others will be struck with the clarity of Owen’s insight; all will find a work which wounds in order to heal.

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Publisher’s Preface



The Nature and Causes of Apostasy from the Gospel



Partial Apostasy from the Gospel



Apostasy from the Truth of the Gospel



The Reasons and Causes of Apostasy



Darkness and Ignorance as Causes of Apostasy



Pride, Neglect, and Worldliness Causes of ­Apostasy



Apostasy from the Doctrines of the Gospel



Apostasy from the Commands of the Gospel



Apostasy and the Ordained Ministry



Further Causes of Apostasy



Apostasy from Evangelical Worship



The Dangers of Widespread Apostasy



Defences against Apostasy



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  1. Balint Vasarhelyi

    Today, John Owen’s book is as actual as it has ever been. Owen perfectly points out the awful danger of apostasy from the Gospel, its truths, its doctrines and its commands. He solemnly warns the Christian against apostasy, which today is more threatening than ever. A must-read for every church member and minister to be armed against the delusions of the false church. The abridgement by R. J. K. Law is easy to read.

  2. Gerry

    This work by Owen is an incredibly important and insightful look into a subject almost, if not totally, ignored by modern evangelicalism. His analysis and exposition of Hebrews 6:4-9 in the first 36 pages (chapter 1) is simply astounding, stunning, and deeply and critically insightful.

    His explanation, from scripture, as to the difference between Illumination of the Spirit and Regeneration by The Spirit, and how these two spiritual phenomena are easily and often confounded and confused is, I think, life changing, essential, absolutely mandatory (along with “the fear of the Lord”), in order to avoid the error of false assurance of faith.

    As such, the first 36 pages are worth infinitely more than the minuscule cost of this jewel of wisdom and divine knowledge.

    While Owen, in subsequent chapters does apply this knowledge of what Apostasy really is tad found in false Protestantism, because in his time there was a greater, apparently, concern among the Puritans of the reemergence of Roman Catholicism into formerly sound Protestant churches, his focus seems to be on this problem, rather than on false Protestantism, a much more subtle and beguiling tool of Satan to eternally destroy souls.

    As such, I would greatly encourage all who value “the Truth, as it is in Jesus, to obtain and prayerfully read and meditate on this precious book and think about what it reveals to your heart, and mind, about not only what you see and feel going on in “Christianity”, so-called, today, both in Roman Catholic claims to this position, and in Protestantism, both liberal and, especially, that which claims to be “conservative, Biblical, and yes, sadly, some camps now claiming to teach and embrace “reformed”, “christianity”, but which have departed from the sound, self denying form of this faith taught and lived out by those great and godly Puritan elders in the faith, who “though dead, yet speak” through their writings.

    Which writings, I would add, some modern reformed camps point to and claim to teach and follow, but do not.

    In illustrating and proving his exposition of the difference between true and false faith, with an emphasis on the danger of not discerning the difference therein because of a shallow understanding of the difference between Illumination of The Spirit and Regeneration of the Spirit, Owen among many verses, points to The Parable of The Sower, and shows how The Lord’s use of the warning taught there must be taken seriously.

    Please go and read and think about this book carefully if His Spirit has now led you to read this testimony of my blessed encounter with this Truth.

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