Apostasy From The Gospel

The Nature and Causes

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Jan 1, 1992






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Few subjects have received less attention from contemporary Christian writers than that of apostasy. The idea that professing Christians may prove not to be true Christians is, in many respects, too serious a prospect for our facile age. But, for John Owen, such avoidance of the issue was itself a pressing reason for writing on it at length and in great depth of spiritual analysis. His exposition is a masterpiece of penetration and discernment.

Now, in this modernised abridgement of Owen’s work, Dr. R.J.K. Law makes its powerful teaching readily accessible to modern readers. Some will find its pages deeply soul-searching; others will be struck with the clarity of Owen’s insight; all will find a work which wounds in order to heal.

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1 The Nature and Causes of Apostasy from the Gospel 1
2 Partial Apostasy from the Gospel 37
3 Apostasy from the Truth of the Gospel 44
4 The Reasons and Causes of Apostasy 52
5 Darkness and Ignorance as Causes of Apostasy 63
6 Pride, Neglect, and Worldliness, Causes of Apostasy 78
7 Apostasy from the Doctrines of the Gospel 89
8 Apostasy from the Commands of the Gospel 100
9 Apostasy and the Ordained Ministry 116
10 Further Causes of Apostasy 122
11 Apostasy from Evangelical Worship 138
12 The Dangers of Widespread Apostasy 142
13 Defences Against Apostasy 154



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