Grow In Grace

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New Testament

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Dec 1, 1989

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Becoming a Christian is only the beginning of a process of spiritual growth that involves increasing in knowledge of God, obedience to his Word and understanding of his will. Yet some Christians’ lives seem to grind slowly to a halt, while others are disappointed because their spiritual progress has not been as straightforward or as rapid as they had hoped. The growth of others is stunted by a lack of proper spiritual nourishment. Yet others feel they do not understand how to become mature Christians.

Grow in Grace explains how God helps us to develop as members of his family. Taking Jesus himself as the model for our growth, it explains some of the biblical principles of spiritual development, and gives a number of ‘case histories’ to illustrate how God works in our lives to mature us as Christians. The biblical teaching in Grow in Grace will appeal to Christians at all stages, while its straightforward explanation of the patterns of God’s work in his people makes it deal for those who are just beginning.


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  Introduction ix
  Section 1: Christ our Life  
1 Jesus – The Pioneer 3
2 How Jesus Grew 12
  Section 2: Basic Principles  
3 In the Beginning 27
4 A Spiritual Appetite 39
5 A Matter of Life and Death 52
  Section 3: Life Together  
6 Growing Together 67
7 Restricted Growth 77
  Section 4: Case Histories  
8 Daniel – Growing Faithfully 93
9 Peter – Fits and Starts 109
10 Timothy – Coping with Yourself 124
11 Over to You 136




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