Ernest Reisinger

A Biography

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Sep 30, 2002






‘One looks back in awe at his remarkable activity. From it have come missionaries, gospel ministers and strong pillars in numerous churches – all of whom have had in their hearts a fire of zeal for Christ ignited by his personal attention and ministry.’ — WALTER J. CHANTRY

‘Ernie Reisinger has been a mentor, friend and great encourager to me in the ministry. I thank the Lord for his influence in my life.’ — TOM ASCOL

‘Ernie’s chief gift lies in his power of exhortation; that is, he is able to take a familiar biblical theme, often of some great concept of God, and use it to stir the affections of a congregation to fall in love with that truth, or rediscover it in a fresh way. He is a warm and personable speaker, and for that he is most renowned.’ — GEOFF THOMAS

Book Description

Ernest C. Reisinger, builder, pastor and author, has been described as an ‘unsung hero of the twentieth century renaissance in Reformed theology’. This new biography will open a window into the life and character of a remarkable man.

Readers with an interest in the development of American evangelical Christianity in the twentieth century will find this work a valuable source. A thrilling note pervading the entire narrative is that God alone is glorified in salvation.

Reisinger’s early life, his conversion, war service in the U.S. Navy, business success and call to the pastoral ministry are all described. But here too is the more intimate story of his family life, with its joys and sorrows, and the astonishing influence of his book distribution efforts.

The climax of the story is the role Reisinger has played in helping to call the Southern Baptist Convention, America’s largest Protestant denomination, back to its historical roots.

This book is the record of the outworking of the grace of God in one whose self-description has long been, ‘Not a profitable servant, but a pardoned sinner.’

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Acknowledgements ix
1. Carlisle, Pennsylvania 1
2. The Reisinger Family 7
3. Elmer Albright 13
4. The Navy 22
5. Changes in the Family 33
6. Expansion in the Business World 37
7. Origins of Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle 51
8. New Discoveries in Grace 60
9. Theological Growth 75
10. Victorious Christian Living 86
11. Prayer, Evangelism and Books 95
12. The Last Decade at Carlisle 108
13. Westminster Theological Seminary 119
14. Ordination in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 132
15. Children 141
16. A One-Time Prodigal Son 155
17. The Grandchildren 168
18. Life Begins in Florida 178
19. Reformation in North Pompano 189
20. James Pettigru Boyce 198
21. The Influence of the Boyce Project 207
22. The Founders’ Movement 217
23. Ernest C. Reisinger: Author 227
24. Still in the Land of the Dying 242
25. Index of Authors and Titles 257
26. General Index 260


The Unsung Reformed Hero of the 20th Century: Ernie Reisinger


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  1. Jason R Silverthorne

    I can be a tepid reader, at times. Not many books capture my full attention. This, however, was not one of those books. While biography is my preferred genre, this one is exceptionally well done. The life of Ernest C. Reisinger is a captivating story all its own, but the book is intertwined with so many other lessons; the basics of Reformed theology, evangelism, church leadership, family dynamics. I cannot recommend this book heartily enough. In fact, if you are a leader in a Reformed congregation, I would recommend this book to every congregant or new believer. It is saturated with the grace of God.

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