Originally published: 1844

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John Elias

Life, Letters and Essays

by Edward Morgan

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This account by Edward Morgan traces the life and ministry of Elias from his first religious impressions until the day when 10, 000 attended his funeral in Anglessey, the scene of most of his labours. 432pp.

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Deals with the subjective work of the Holy Spirit in the heart, in all its phases, from the new birth until final preparation for heaven. 368pp.

Robert Murray M'Cheyne
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Bonar’s contemporary biography conveys the fragrance of M‘Cheyne’s life that no later writer could ever recapture. 272pp.

Memoir & Remains Of Robert Murray M'cheyne
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A much-loved classic which contains Bonar’s life of M‘Cheyne and a wide selection of his sermons, letters and other writings. 664pp.

Showing all 4 results