Romans 2:1-3:20

Volume 2: The Righteous Judgement of God

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God, The Law





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Jan 1, 1989









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Diagnosis was a life-long interest of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Nowhere is this more evident than in his treatment of Romans chapter two. Here he unfolds Paul’s analysis of the spiritual sickness of the human heart, its deceitfulness and rebellion against God, and its sinister use of religion as a defence-mechanism against true conviction of sin.

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 1. One 1
Connection with chapter one – the man being addressed – the Jew, the law and circumcision – the subtlety of sin in denying justification by faith – separation of doctrine and life.
 2. Two 16
Proof that the Jews, too, are without excuse – the essence and attitude of sin – denouncing others, condemning ourselves – judgment according to truth – penetrating and impartial judgment.
 3. Three 30
Judgment and the nature of the atonement – no escaping the judgment of God – misuse of God’s goodness to deny judgment – a low estimate of the riches of God’s goodness – forbearance and longsuffering.
 4. Four 46
Longsuffering considered as a licence to sin – insulting God – God’s design in repentance – constraining grace not irresistible – the priority and necessity of repentance.
 5. Five 59
The meaning of repentance – changing our mind and our course of action – our attitude to God, ourselves, life and death – a hard and impenitent heart in control – the treasury of wrath.
 6. Six 74
Universal, but individual, judgment – no privileged positions – judgment according to works – the tests of the righteous and unrighteous – their attitude, general tenor of life, and practice – the two destinies.
 7. Seven 90
Justification by works and the context – the grounds of condemnation and the evidence of faith – the dangers of Sandemanianism, antinomian­ism and believism.
 8. Eight 101
God is unbiased – Jews, Gentiles and the law – judgment according to our situation – the Jews’ greater opportunity – Christ, the Judge who knows our secrets – Paul’s gospel.
 9. Nine 115
The parenthesis – doing the law, not hearing it, is what counts – the Gentiles’ moral consciousness proved – three false deductions about their condition – the impossibility of ‘living up to our light’.
 10. Ten 128
God’s standards – both Jews and Gentiles condemned – objections about ‘righteous’ people, ‘noble’ philosophers and ‘good’ pagans – application to the Jews in terms of their failure to act according to their knowledge.
 11. Eleven 142
Jewish hypocrisy exposed – intellectualism, complacency and lack of self-examination – failure to practise what they preach – effect on the Gentiles’ opinion of God and the gospel – external and inward circumcis­ion – let every man examine himself.
 12. Twelve 160
Analysis of chapter three – the Jews’ privilege of having the oracles of God – our duty to defend the Scriptures entrusted to us and to pass them on­ – Christian parents and their children.
 13. Thirteen 174
What about Jewish unbelief! – God’s faithfulness, truth and justice are not to be questioned – false logic of another objection condemned – how to deal with difficulties – inevitable exposure to the charge of antinomian­ism.
 14. Fourteen 188
Only two categories of men – all are under sin since the Fall – Paul’s chain of evidence – the primacy of conviction of sin – the blackness of sin and the glory of grace – the plan of the quotations – no one is truly righteous.
 15. Fifteen 201
Man’s condition as a result of sin – lack of spiritual understanding – the meaning of seeking God – the general effects of sin on our conduct – a terrifying mirror: the particular manifestations of sin in word and deed.
 16. Sixteen 215
The fear of God: reverence, worship and an awareness of God the Judge – ­the argument summarized – examples of the whole world speechless before God – universal liability to God’s wrath – thanksgiving and praise for the blood of Christ.



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