Counterfeit Miracles

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New Testament

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Nov 1, 1972


The Church, The Holy Spirit



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More than sixty years after his death B. B. Warfield’s witness remains a powerful influence in main-stream Christianity simply because no successor has attained to his eminence as a biblical theologian. In his years at Princeton, 1886-1921, he was unquestionably the best-known opponent of the rationalism and antisupernaturalism which threatened the life of the Church in the 20th Century; for him a non-miraculous Christianity was no Christianity at all. But with his breadth of vision Warfield also saw the danger of false claims to the possession of miraculous gifts- claims which have repeatedly been made both by the Church of Rome and by groups within Protestantism.


Table of Contents Expand ↓

1 The Cessation Of The Charismata 1
2 Patristic And Mediaeval Marvels 33
3 Roman Catholic Miracles 71
4 Irvingite Gifts 125
5 Faith-Healing 155
6 Mind-Cure 197
NOTES [referred to in the text by superior numerals] 231

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  1. Robert Norman

    Brilliantly faithful book by one of history’s greatest theologians.
    A well argued case for cessassionism and why charismata (before it was ever named charismata) is false.

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