Final Word

A Biblical Response to the Case for Tongues and Prophecy Today

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Dec 1, 1993




Whole Bible


Scripture, The Holy Spirit

Book Description

A call for freshness, spontaneity and life in worship has been resounding through the churches of the English-speaking world, together with a desire to hear God speaking here and now to his people. Many have called for a return to the pattern of worship found in 1 Corinthians 14, merging the biblical emphasis of the Reformation with the vitality of the modern Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.

Dr O. Palmer Robertson, pastor and Seminary teacher, currently Director of African Bible College, Uganda, argues from Scripture that preoccupation with tongues and prophecy shows a failure to grasp the fullness of New Testament privileges. The Christ of the Scriptures is the Final Word. All the church will ever need is to be found in him.

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Chapter One: Prophecy Today? 1
1 The Origin of Prophecy According to the Old Testament 1
2 Foundational Passages on Prophecy in the Old Testament 5
3 Prophecy About Prophecy in the Old Testament 11
4 The Testimony of Peter and Paul Concerning Prophecy 14
5 Conclusion 19
Chapter Two: Tongues Today? 23
1 New Testament Tongues Were Revelational 23
2 Tongues Were Foreign Languages 33
3 New Testament Tongues Were For Public Consumption, Not Private Use 37
4 New Testament Tongues Were a Sign 41
5 Conclusion 50
Chapter Three: Revelation Today? 52
1 What it Means that Revelation has Ceased 54
a. God’s Revelation in Nature and Providence has not Ended 54
b. God has not Ceased Communicating Through the Scriptures 55
c. There are no Further Inspired, Authoritative Communications Apart From Those in the Bible 56
2 The History of the Cessation of Revelation 60
a. The ‘Do not add’ Declarations 61
b. The ‘End’ in Relation to the ‘Means’ of Special Revelation 67
c. Evidence of the Decline of the Revelational Gifts in the New Testament Era 70
3 Objections to the Concept of the Cessation of Revelation 78
a. Scriptural Objections 78
b. Theological Objections 81
c. Practical Objections 84
Chapter Four: Current Advocacy of the Continuation of Revelation 85
1 This Viewpoint Asserts that Revelation Continues Today 87
2 This Viewpoint Hangs on an Exegetical String 95
a. Arguments for an Inferior Kind of Prophecy Based on the Teaching about Prophecy in 1 Corinthians 98
b. The Evidence of the Rest of the New Testament 106
3 This Viewpoint Brings a Venerable Institution with an Impeccable History into a State of Disrepute 119
4 This Viewpoint Introduces A Factor of Uncertainty into Worship 123
5 This Viewpoint Has the Potential of Bringing into Question Other Prophetic Revelations From God 123
Chapter Five: Conclusion 127
Notes 136
Index of Names and Subjects 138
Index of Scriptural References 146


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