John Owen on the Lord’s Supper

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Jun 30, 2004


In the continuing debates over the various sacramental views in the Reformed tradition it is good to get these discourses by John Owen in on Volume. Jon Payne has written an invaluable summary of the various positions and has (in case of the Supper) placed Owen firmly in the tradition of Calvin and Vermigli without necessarily employing Calvin’s (sometimes) tortuous language. The church is indebted to him for this contribution. This is a timely publication. I warmly commend it.’ — DEREK THOMAS

Book Description

The approach of the Puritans to the Lord’s Supper is a comparatively neglected aspect of their heritage. In particular, John Owen’s twenty-five sacramental discourses are little known and little read, even among those who value his massive contribution to the understanding and defence of the doctrines of the gospel.

In John Owen on the Lord’s Supper, Jon D. Payne has set out to rescue Owen’s teaching on the Supper from this neglect. He sets the scene by outlining Owen’s life and teaching. He then goes on to examine the development of Reformed teaching on the Supper- especially the part played by Calvin and Peter Martyr Vermigli- before focusing on Owen’s Twenty-five Discourses Suitable to the Lord’s Supper, delivered between 1669 and 1682, and taken down by hearers.

But the latter part of this volume is occupied by the Discourses themselves. Here the reader will encounter an Owen less concerned to define and defend truth than to comfort and help even the weakest of believers as they come to the Lord’s Supper. The great and lasting value of this work comes from Owen’s obvious desire to promote ‘delight in Christ, thankfulness unto him, and the keeping of his word’, in all who partake.

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 1. John Owen: The Pastor Theologian 1
 2. Owen’s Theology of the Lord’s Supper 18
 3. Owen’s Sacramental Discourses, 1669-82 51
 4. Summary and Conclusions 72
Appendix 1: Owen’s Published Works 77
Appendix 2: Works on the Lord’s Supper in Owen’s Library 81
Bibliography 83
Discourse 1 91
Discourse 2 95
Discourse 3 104
Discourse 4 117
Discourse 5 127
Discourse 6 141
Discourse 7 155
Discourse 8 160
Discourse 9 166
Discourse 10 169
Discourse 11 176
Discourse 12 181
Discourse 13 187
Discourse 14 197
Discourse 15 202
Discourse 16 205
Discourse 17 210
Discourse 18 214
Discourse 19 219
Discourse 20 224
Discourse 21 229
Discourse 22 234
Discourse 23 239
Discourse 24 243
Discourse 25 246



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