The Sufficiency Of Scripture

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Even though Scripture is the cornerstone of the Christian faith, there is much confusion on the doctrine of Scripture. This has led to its inspiration and authority becoming an area of debate. Here, in this new and comprehensive study, Dr. Weeks brings his multi-disciplinary learning to bear on the question of the sufficiency of Scripture.

The author believes that the debate about the Bible has shifted its centre of gravity in recent years. The older distinctions between fundamentalist and modernist, evangelical and liberal, have become obsolete as more subtle distinctions have emerged. In view of this, The Sufficiency of Scripture deals with such diverse issues as revelation, translation, creation, prophecy, and the role of women in the church. Dr. Weeks provides careful analysis of the biblical teaching in these areas, giving ‘depth criticism’ of much of the superficial and false thinking expressed in some contemporary discussions of these questions.

The Sufficiency of Scripture combines unusually wide learning with radical criticism. Thorough in its approach, instructive in its handling of material, it is deeply provocative and provides a unique contribution to the modern debate on the Bible. Noel Weeks’ contentions cannot be ignored by Christians who take seriously their commitment to the Bible as the Word of God.

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Acknowledgements ix
Introduction xi
1 Authority and Exhaustiveness 3
2 The Form of Biblical Teaching 8
3 General and Special Revelation 15
4 Providence and Scripture 26
5 The Bible and Technical Precision 30
6 Imprecision and Error 33
7 The History of Revelation 37
8 The Perfect Translation 41
9 Words and Meanings 43
10 The Bible and the Historian 47
11 Words and Meanings Again 65
12 The Human Element in Scripture 70
13 Contextualization 76
14 The Hermeneutical Circle 81
15 The Redemptive Focus of Scripture 85
Introduction 93
16 The Creation Account 95
17 The Interpretation of Prophecy 119
18 Women in Teaching/Ruling Offices in the Church 125
19 Slavery 151
20 The Worship and Government of the Church 158
21 The Scripture and ‘Advances’ in Psychology 167
22 ‘Rabbinic’ Exegesis in the New Testament 183
23 Pseudepigraphy 200
24 Proving the Bible 214
25 Freedom and Honesty 225
26 The Political and Social Task of the Church 246
27 Bible Translation 270
Conclusion 291
Index 299


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  1. Robert David Norman

    A great book on a very important subject. Most of the chapters were relevant to the subject and contained some useful insights.

  2. Joe M. Thomas, Ph. D.

    The works of Dr. Noel Weeks are of great relevance in the contemporary world. I was once a student of Dr. Weeks in Australia. His lectures on the interpretation of Scripture had captivated me. As a professor myself, I am still fascinated by his writings. His books are highly recommended for university and seminary courses.

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