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*Forthcoming Release* This new book is a rare combination of devotional, memoir, and Bible study that brings the reader into a sense of relationship with the author and renewed connection to God’s word. Travelling through Terry Johnson’s conversion, call, and growth in Christian understanding and character, one reflects on the passages that have influenced his […]

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A collection of meditations on Romans 8:6. 264pp.

cover of refreshment for the soul

Refreshment for the Soul

A Year of Daily Readings from 'The Heavenly Doctor' Richard Sibbes

by David B. MacKinnon, Richard Sibbes

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NEW RELEASE Book Description A pastor of forty years who has throughout his ministry found the Puritans to be a great source of spiritual encouragement, David MacKinnon presents here 366 extracts from the works of the Puritan pastor Richard Sibbes, which may be used each day of the year by readers as an aid to […]

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NEW RELEASE Book Description Samuel Miller (1769–1850), was a faithful pastor, who became a founding father and a professor of Princeton Theological Seminary. He had a deep commitment to the church and an abiding interest in seeing ministers trained ably for her service — an interest which led to him writing this book. As Dr. […]


The Three Marys

Learning from the lives of Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany, and Mary the mother of Jesus

by A. Moody Stuart

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NEW REPRINT Book Description Mary, the mother of Jesus; Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus; and Mary Magdalene all feature prominently in the gospel narrative. But what can Christians learn from the faith displayed by these women? In these moving and engaging chapters, Alexander Moody Stuart draws out their characters and helps readers learn […]

thomas charles spiritual counsels

Thomas Charles’ Spiritual Counsels

Selected From His Letters and Papers by Edward Morgan

by Thomas Charles

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Selections from the letters and papers of the 18th-century minister of Bala in North Wales, with a biographical sketch by Iain H. Murray. 520pp.

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J. C. Ryle Set

15 Volume Set*

by J. C. Ryle

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This Deal includes: Expository Thoughts on the Gospels (7 Volume Set) Practical Religion Holiness Light from Old Times Old Paths Knots Untied Christian Leaders of the 18th Century Charges and Addresses Upper Room Want to learn more about each title in this set? Click on the related items below to read in depth about each […]

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Book Description This is a pastoral, thoughtful, encouraging, challenging and, above all, radically God-centred book. The thirty brief but compelling chapters remind us that this world is not our home, that our destiny is ‘a city that has foundations whose designer and builder is God,’ and that we are called to live world-engaging, Christ-glorifying lives. […]

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Book Description There can be no doubt that a seismic shift has taken place within the English-speaking world over the last sixty years regarding what used to be referred to as ‘the Christian Sabbath.’ What was considered to be a day of rest, worship and holy activity is now just like any other day of […]

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Transformed Life

by David Campbell

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Book Description Transformed is a strong word, but not too strong to describe the wonderful change that takes place in sanctification. This mini-guide introduces us to the Bible’s teaching on this glorious work of God – a work that takes place inwardly and shows itself outwardly. The result is nothing less than a transformation! Banner […]

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Growing in Grace

Becoming More Like Jesus

by Jonathan Master

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Book Description This practical guide to growing in grace is rooted in the Bible’s teaching on ‘grace,’ especially as it is revealed in the Lord Jesus Christ. By examining his role as our prophet, priest, and king we will see not only the ways in which he displayed God’s grace during his earthly ministry, but […]

image of the Christian Mind Mini-Guide

The Christian Mind

Escaping Futility

by William Edgar

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Book Description Being able to think and reason is part of what makes us human. However clever we may or may not be, our minds matter. The Bible shows us that when people become Christians, their minds are made new. This mini-guide to the Christian Mind explores the far-reaching implications of having a renewed mind. […]

Showing 1–12 of 290 results