Iain Murray Bundle #1

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Murray, Iain H.

Iain Murray’s writings, both biographical and theological, have proved a profound blessing to many believers across the world. For some, titles such as The Forgotten Spurgeon and Revival and Revivalism have marked the beginning of a new era in their understanding and appreciation for particular truths of biblical faith. Other titles are not so well known, but hold out much by way of helpful challenge and encouragement to those who will engage with them.

To provide an accessible way in to Iain’s work, we’re going to be offering three Iain Murray bundles at special prices – one for each of the summer months of 2024. The first bundle is composed of the following titles:

Evangelical Holiness, and Other Addresses (Paperback, 184 pages)

In London in the 1950s Martyn Lloyd-Jones gave a new meaning to ‘conferences’. For him they were not times for learned discussion, or for the reading of papers, but a means of awakening a younger generation to big spiritual issues…


Heroes (Clothbound, 320 pages)

The Bible no more knows a separate class of heroes than it does of saints. Because of Jesus Christ, every Christian is extraordinary and attains to glory. Yet grace so shines in some, that it lightens the path of many…


The Invitation System (Booklet, 48 pages)

In the controversy arising from the promotion of this method, three main reasons have been put forward in its defence; the argument from Scripture, the ‘psychological argument’ which asserts the helpfulness of a public response to the individual…


The Life of John Murray (Paperback, 240 pages)

Professor John Murray was recognized in his own lifetime as one of the leading Reformed theologians in the English-speaking world. Born in Scotland, he served in France during the First World War…


The Old Evangelicalism (Clothbound, 226 pages)

“I could wish that every preacher, pastor, missionary, and Christian worker could have [Old Evangelicalism] placed in their hands.” — MACK TOMLINSON



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