Remember Him

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Spiritual Growth, The Church, The Lord's Supper


New Testament

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Jun 1, 2000

Book Description

What does the Lord’s Supper represent? Who ought to come to it? What should they think about before, during and after the service? These and related questions are answered in this easily-read book. It was written particularly for those who, having professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, are coming for the first time to ‘remember’ him at his table. But its heart-warming gospel truth and searching practical directions will also be appreciated by all who seek to obey his command until he comes again.

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The Aim of this Book 1
The Lord’s Supper 1
Nature of the Sacrament 2
The Doctrine of the Sacrament 2
Benefits to be Expected 3
Admission to Full Communion 4
Improper Motives 5
Why Should I Partake? 5
Causes of Fear 6
Warning 6
May Doubting Souls Come? 7
Insufficient Reasons for Delay 8
Imperfect Views of the Ordinance 8
Encouragements 9
Need of Self-Knowledge 10
Self-Examination 10
Questions Before the Communion 11
Difficulty of the Work 14
Undue Fears 15
Preparation 16
Congregational Preparation 17
First Communion 17
Simple Views 18
Preliminary Services 19
Feelings Suited to the Ordinance 20
Christ Present 21
The Administration 22
The Act of Partaking 22
Thoughts of Self and Sin 23
Thoughts of Christ 24
Thoughts of Brethren 24
Cautions After Communion 25
Disappointed Hopes 26
Thankful Review 27
Going Down to the World 27
Courage 28
Interval Between Communions 29
Benefit of Frequent Communion 29
Subsequent Communions 30
Review of Numerous Sacraments 30
Reasons Why Some Refrain from Partaking 31
Seek the Sacramental Edification of Others 33
Importance of Beginning Aright 34
The Post of the Young Christian 34
Blessedness of Youthful Profession 35
Principle of the Christian Walk 36
Means of Self-Culture 36
Doctrinal Instruction 37
Meditation 38
Prayer 38
Daily Walk 39
The Lord’s Day 40
Outward Conduct 40
The Family 41
Fashion and Amusement 42
Diligence 43
Humility 43
Duties to the Church 44
Brotherly Love 44
Christian Acquaintance 45
Intimate Friends 45
Active Fellowship 46
Aid to the Gospel 46
Attendance on Worship 47
Weekly Meetings 48
Love of Souls 49
Sunday Schools 49
Charities 50
Edification of Brethren 50
Scandals 51
Peace Making 51
Reproof 52
Duties to the World 52
Modesty in Labours 53
Seeking Opportunities 53
The Spread of the Word 54
Liberality 54
Systematic Giving 55
Personal Giving 55
Conclusion 56



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