The Spirit and the Church

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Jul 30, 2002


The Church, The Holy Spirit




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How do Christians come to the certainty that the Bible is the Word of God, and gain an understanding of His mind and will from it? How do they acquire the ability to pray, and lead others in prayer? how are they comforted and supported in all the difficulties they meet? And how can the church be led, taught and guided aright, when Christ is not here on earth?

According to the great Puritan leader John Owen, the answer to all these questions is the same: by the gracious and powerful work of the Holy Spirit.

He it is who convinces, assures, teaches, comforts and equips the church and all its members for all the work they are called to do. In an age when many think Christianity is nothing more than human effort, based on fallible human conclusions, Owen calls the church back to divine certainty and divine resources.

The style in which the Puritans wrote can present difficulties for modern readers, but this updated abridgement by Dr. R.J.K. Law will allow Owen to speak to Christians today on a theme which remains as vitally important for the well-being of the church in the twenty-first century as it was when Owen first wrote.

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Publisher’s Preface v
1. PART ONE: How We Believe Scripture to Be the Word of God
Illumination Based on Revelation 1
The Faith by Which We Believe Scripture to Be God’s Word 7
External Arguments for Divine Revelation 10
Moral Certainty, the Result of External Arguments, Insufficient 14
Divine Revelation Itself the Only Foundation and Reason for Faith 26
The Self-Evidencing Power of Scripture 33
The Kind of Assurance Scripture Brings 42
 2. PART TWO: Understanding the Mind of God
How We Learn the Mind of God from Scripture 49
Knowing the Mind of God: Some Teaching from Scripture Itself 52
How Are Believers Guided into ‘All Truth’? 58
How Does the Holy Spirit Enlighten Our Minds? 64
Hindrances to the Understanding of the Mind of God in Scripture 68
The Nature of Scripture, and the Right Approach to It 72
Means to be Used to Understand the Mind of God in Scripture 77
Tools from Various Disciplines to Aid in Our Understanding of Scripture 79
Help from the Church to Understand Scripture
Final Points on the Work of the Spirit in Relation to Scripture 84
 3. PART THREE: The Holy Spirit and Prayer
The Help of the Spirit in Prayer 89
The Spirit of Grace and Supplication: Zechariah 12:10 Expounded 91
The Spirit of Adoption: Galatians 4:6 Expounded 97
The Nature of Prayer: Romans 8:26 Vindicated 100
The Spirit Teaches Us What to Pray For 102
The Spirit Teaches Us How to Pray 108
The Duty of Praying in the Spirit: Ephesians 6:18 Expounded 113
The Spirit Enables Us to Pray Aloud 117
Our Response to the Gift of the Spirit of Prayer 123
Contemplative Prayer Considered 130
Set Forms of Prayer Examined 137
 4. PART FOUR: The Holy Spirit as a Comforter
How the Spirit Comforts the Church 143
The Characteristics of the Spirit’s Work as Comforter 148
The Holy Spirit Comforts Only Believers 153
The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit 155
The Holy Spirit as an Anointing 160
The Holy Spirit Seals Believers 164
The Holy Spirit as an Earnest or Guarantee 168
 5. PART FIVE: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts 171
Spiritual Gifts and Saving Grace 173
The Extraordinary Offices of the Church 178
Extraordinary Spiritual Gifts in the Church 180
How Spiritual Gifts Promote Christ’s Kingdom 184
The Continuance of the Ministry 187
Spiritual Gifts Granted to the Ministry 189
The Gifts of the Spirit for Doctrine, Worship and Discipline 192



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    Owen calls the church back to divine certainty and divine resources, showing that it is the Holy Spirit who convinces, assures, teaches, comforts and equips the church and its members for their work. 208pp.

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