The Ministry

Addresses to Students of Divinity

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Jun 1, 2006

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‘This is an old but good book on ministry. The chapter on public prayer is worth the price. Leading in prayer is difficult, with the constant danger of either being too brief to be helpful and too long to be bearable. The advice in this book is very useful and will help ministers lead their congregants in prayer in a clear and godly manner.’– CARL TRUEMAN

The Ministry by Charles Brown can be read in a couple of hours but it is full of wise observations and counsels. The chapter on the pulpit prayers of preachers is particularly valuable.’– GEOFF THOMAS

‘A lot of what passes for pastoral theology today is both wordy and shallow. Brown is neither. This is a short and focused book, having four main sections dealing with vital issues too rarely or carelessly considered in modern books…Brown’s book not only suggests to every Christian how they might pray for gospel ministers, but would be an ideal gift for those entering or leaving seminary, or seeking some refreshment and reinforcement while pursuing their pastoral labours.’– JEREMY WALKER

‘Grounded in Scripture and marked by the urgency appropriate to the calling of the Christian ministry, Brown’s collected addresses can serve either as an excellent primer or stimulating refresher for those whose lives are bound up with the work of the pastoral office.’– JAMES M. GARRETSON

Book Description

The life of the minister is the life of his ministry. It is to be deeply regretted that a low level of spiritual vitality greatly hinders the impact of even the most gifted ministries. Paul’s words to Timothy, ‘Take heed unto thyself’, continue to apply to all ministers of the gospel. Charles J. Brown was a man who took the Apostle’s words seriously. ‘An animated, incisive, and very spiritual preacher’, he was often asked to give addresses on the subject of pastoral ministry. This powerful little volume survives as a statement of what he saw as the essence of the gospel ministry preaching with the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven. Men of doctrinal earnestness, catholic spirit, tender hearts, and abiding prayerfulness, whose lips have been touched with a ‘live coal from off the altar’, have ever been the means of reviving the church and awakening the world. Only let the Christian ministry return to the apostolic rule of Acts 6:4 and the church will surely see brighter days.

Includes a biographical introduction by Iain H. Murray.



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