Tracts and Letters of John Calvin

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1564 (actually 1858)

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Feb 1, 2009

Book Description

Long unavailable the republication of Calvin’s Tracts and Letters will delight all who have come to delight in the writings of the sixteenth-century reformer of Geneva.

3 Vols of Tracts

Three volumes of Tracts comprise some of Calvin’s most important writings. Volume 1 begins with the Life of Calvin written by his close friend and colleague, Theodore Beza. An outline of Calvin’s life and work by an eye-witness and intimate friend, it will never be entirely superseded by any other biography. There follows several miscellaneous Tracts relating to the reformation, which all have a strong bearing on the leading points at issue between Roman Catholics and Protestants. Among them is the famous exchange with Cardinal Sadaleto and The Necessity of Reforming the Church.

The Tracts contained in the second volume discuss subjects which are of the highest importance in themselves. They range widely over a very extensive field, presenting us both with general summaries of the Truth, in its most elementary form (Calvin’s Catechism, etc.), and also with learned and profound treatments of more difficult points, particularly the nature of our Saviour’s Presence in the Supper.

The four Tracts that comprise the third volume, were selected partly on account of their own intrinsic value, and partly on account of the additional interest which recent controversies have given to some of the subjects considered in them. They contain lucid discussions on all the leading points in the controversy with Rome, furnish wholesome advice in answer to a question which once was, and will probably again become, of great practical importance (The True Method of Reforming the Church and Healing Her Divisions); and refute the wild dogma which a kind of infidel fanaticism had devised, asserting, that in the interval between death and the final judgment the soul remains in a state of sleep or unconscious existence.

All the Tracts sustain the reputation of their distinguished author; and, considering their controversial nature, do not often display the virulent spirit and intemperate language for which modern critics all too often condemn Calvin.

4 Vols of Letters

The man who regularly lectured to theological students, preached on average five times a week and authored enough material to fill forty-eight enormous volumes could scarcely be expected to show enthusiasm for correspondence. Yet in the Complete Works of John Calvin there are to be found no less than eleven volumes of his correspondence!

Calvin wrote to kings and princes, reformers and friends, nobility and common people alike. His letters discuss affairs of State, but also the most mundane problems of everyday life, and through them all is revealed a man of deep pastoral concern, consistent and exemplary evangelistic zeal, with a humble sense of the final authority of God and his word.

The four volumes of letters in this edition range from 1528 to the year of the reformer’s death in 1564, and are of enormous historical interest. But their permanent significance lies in the reminder they provide of a great work of God, and the example they set of compassionate Christian care, and a deep concern for the advance of the gospel wherever it is proclaimed. Calvin’s personal ambition undergirds each letter: ‘It is enough that I live and die for Christ who is to his followers a gain both in life and in death.’

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Volume 1
Life Of John Calvin, By Theodore Beza           Xvii
Letter By James Sadolet, A Roman Cardinal, To The Senate And People Of Geneva 3
Reply By John Calvin To Letter By Cardinal Sadolet To The Senate And People Of Geneva 25
Articles Agreed Upon By The Faculty Of Sacred Theology Of Paris, With The Antidote 72
The Necessity Of Reforming The Church 123
A Paternal Admonition By The Roman Pontiff, Paul Iii To The Most Invincible Emperor, Charles V 237
Remarks On The Letter Of Pope Paul Iii 257
An Admonition, Showing The Advantages Which Christendom Might Derive From An Inventory Of Relics 289
Volume 2
Translator’S Preface vii
I Catechisim Of The Church Of Geney A 33
II Forms Of Prayer 95
III Form Of Administering The Sacraments 114
IV Visitation Of The Sick 127
V Brief Confession Of Faith 130
VI Confession Of Faith Of The Reformed Churches Of France 137
VII Short Treatise On The Lord’S Supper 163
VIII Mutual Consent As To The Sacraments 199
IX Second Defence Of The Sacraments 245
X Last Admonition To Joachim Westphal 346
XI True Partaking Of The Flesh And Blood Of Christ 495
XII Best Method Of Concord On The Sacraments 573
Volume 3
Translator’S Preface vii
I Canons And Decrees Of The Council Of Trent, With The Antidote 17
II Adultero-German Interim, With Calvin’S Refutation, And 189
The True Method Of Reforming The Church And Healing Her Divisions 240
III The Sinfulness Of Outward Conformity To Romish Rites 359
IV Psychopannychia; Or, The Soul’S Imaginary Sleep Between Death And Judgment 413
Volume 4
Letters Sent In 1528 25
Letters Sent In 1529 27
Letters Sent In 1530 30
Letters Sent In 1532 31
Letters Sent In 1533 35
Letters Sent In 1534 41
Letters Sent In 1536 42
Letters Sent In 1537 47
Letters Sent In 1538 60
Letters Sent In 1539 104
Letters Sent In 1540 171
Letters Sent In 1541 225
Letters Sent In 1542 311
Letters Sent In 1543 364
Letters Sent In 1544 403
Letters Sent In 1545 434
Volume 5
Letters Sent In 1545 15
Letters Sent In 1546 26
Letters Sent In 1547 94
Letters Sent In 1548 157
Letters Sent In 1549 201
Letters Sent In 1550 257
Letters Sent In 1551 287
Letters Sent In 1552 331
Letters Sent In 1553 384
Volume 6
Letters Sent In 1554 15
Letters Sent In 1555 114
Letters Sent In 1556 247
Letters Sent In 1557 308
Letters Sent In 1558 390
Volume 7
Letters Sent In 1559 15
Letters Sent In 1560 87
Letters Sent In 1561 161
Letters Sent In 1562 252
Letters Sent In 1563 286
Letters Sent In 1564 348
Last Discourses Of Calvin
Last Will And Testament Of Master John Calvin 365
Calvin’S Farewell To The Seigneurs Of Geneva 369
Calvin’S Farewell To The Ministers Of Geneva 372
Letters Sent In 1534 381
Letters Sent In 1538 382
Letters Sent In 1539 400
Letters Sent In 1546 405
Letters Sent In 1548 409
Letters Sent In 1552 413
Letters Sent In 1553 419
Letters Sent In 1555 421
Letters Sent In 1557 427
Letters Sent In 1558 429
An Historical Calumny Refuted 434
XVI To Monseigneur, Monseigneur Du Poet, General Of Religion In Dauphiny 438
XVII Monseigneur, Monseigneur Du Poet, Grand Chamberlain Of Navarre And Governor Of The Town Of Montelimart At Crest 439
XVIII A Baron Of Dauphiny 441


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  1. Titus

    Highly recommended. The first three volumes of treatises are indispensable literature from the sixteenth century. The last four volumes of letters show Calvin the man and the pastor. Biographers of Calvin always say that really to acquaint yourself with him, you should read his letters. I now see why.

    The treatises are available for free online, but as usually the hardcover books from Banner are of high quality. I expect to pass these down to my son–if I don’t buy him a set of his own before then.

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