Volume 8: The Christian Soldier (6:10-20)

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Lloyd Jones on Ephesians





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The picture of the Christian as a soldier is one of the most vivid illustrations of the Christian life to be found in the Epistles of Paul. But what is involved in enlisting in a spiritual warfare? What are the provisions God makes for his servants?

In this volume, Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones answers these questions by examining ‘the whole armour of God’. He explores the general principles of spiritual warfare, and then discusses in detail each of the pieces of armour mentioned by the apostle. His teaching abounds in practical insights, and includes valuable expositions of other passages of Scripture, for example, from 2 Peter and Hebrews. It is marked on every page by long years of preaching and pastoral experience, and Christians at every stage of spiritual development will find these pages to be an invaluable guide to living the Christian life in the contemporary world. Younger Christians in particular will find this volume provides a manual of instruction for the whole course of their Christian experience.

This volume is the eighth in a series of eight volumes.

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1. The Call to Battle 11
2. God’s Battle, not ours 26
3. Who does the fighting? 40
4. Morale 54
5. Food and Drink 69
6. Exercise 84
7. Discipline 95
8. The Promises 111
9. ‘Trust in God and . . . ’ 126
10. Things to Avoid 140
11. ‘Stand therefore’ 155
12. The Whole Armour of God 170
13. ‘Loins girt about with Truth’ 182
14. The only Authority 194
15. The Scripture of Truth 207
16. The Breastplate of Righteousness 221
17. ‘The Righteousness which is of God by Faith’ 234
18. Putting on the Breastplate 247
19. Marching Orders 258
20. Stand Fast 270
21. Mobility 283
22. The Shield of Faith 296
23. The Helmet of Salvation 309
24. The Sword of the Spirit 323
25. Praying in the Spirit 337
26. Praying for all Saints 350



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