Majesty in Misery

Volume 3: Calvary's Mournful Mountain

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Jesus Christ



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1899 (actually 2005)

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Nov 1, 2005






New Testament



Book Description

In this the last of three volumes on the passion and death of our Lord, C. H. Spurgeon takes us to Calvary’s Mournful Mountain, there to view afresh the last moments of Christ’s earthly life. In these sermons (which have been completely reset in a readable modern format) Spurgeon fixes our eyes upon our glorious Saviour, whose amazing grace and dying love are eloquently described and vividly portrayed by ‘the prince of preachers’. As you read these sermons, including, The Procession of Sorrow, Christ’s Determination to Save His People, and Christ’s Dying Word for His Church, you will begin to understand just why Spurgeon was so loved by Christians the world over.

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1 The Procession of Sorrow (John 19:16) 1
2 The Great Cross-Bearer and His Followers (Mark 15:20; John 19:17; Mark 15:21) 17
3 Up from the Country, and Pressed into Service (Mark 15:21) 35
4 The Determination of Christ to Suffer for His People (Mark 15:23) 53
5 Christ’s Plea for Ignorant Sinners (Luke 23: 34) 65
6 The First Cry from the Cross (Luke 23:34) 77
7 Cries from the Cross (Psa. 22:1) 93
8 Faith among Mockers (Psa. 22:8) 101
9 ‘Let Him Deliver Him Now’ (Matt. 27:43) 119
10 The Three Hours’ Darkness (Matt. 27:45) 135
11 ‘Lama Sabachthani?’ (Matt. 27:46) 153
12 The Saddest Cry from the Cross (Matt. 27:46) 169
13 The Shortest of the Seven Cries (John 19:28) 183
14 Christ’s Dying Word for His Church (John 19:30) 193
15 ‘It Is Finished’ (John 19:30) 215
16 The Dying Thief in a New Light (Luke 23:40-42) 233
17 The Believing Thief (Luke 23:42-43) 251
18 Our Lord’s Last Cry from the Cross (Luke 23:46) 267
19 The Last Words of Christ on the Cross (Luke 23:46; Psa. 31:5; Acts 7:59) 279
20 The Rent Veil (Matt. 27:50-51; Heb. 10:19-20) 295
21 The Miracles of Our Lord’s Death (Matt. 27:50-53) 313
22 Mourning at the Sight of the Crucified (Luke 23:48) 325
23 On the Cross after Death (John 19:31-37) 343
24 Joseph of Arimathsea (Mark 15:43-46) 361
25 A Royal Funeral (John 19:38-42) 379


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  1. Kyi Chumley

    These three volumes have been a wonderful blessing to me! I have been convinced that I am guilty of reading over my Lords death with haste! Mr Spurgeon in these compiled sermons has bid me to slow down and to look closely and reverently as I should and follow Christ to the cross, to soak in all the majesty of His sufferings! I would highly recommend these to all they are sure to make your heart burn for Jesus!

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